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History of the company

History of the company

The first phase of development from 1992 to 1994.

Papir Print was founded in 1992, and the goal of our company management was to develop the processes and technologies necessary for the production of smaller packaging - sugar bags, express coffee and paper coffee bags. The first machines necessary for production were created with our know-how and skills. After the successful realization of the set objectives, the production of flexible packaging began. The existing machine was upgraded, and new machines were created: a six-color printing machine, a machine for forming bags and a longitudinal cutting machine. This was a solid foundation for the further advancement of our company.

The second phase of development from 1995 to 2000

This period of company development was marked by the acquisition of two new printing units: a six color printing machine from a domestic manufacturer and an eight color machine of an Italian manufacturer. This investment doubled the production capacity.

Company in the period from 2000 to 2009

This is one of the most successful stages in the development of Papir Print. During this period, large infrastructure projects were successfully implemented and production capacities were increased with the purchase of modern equipment. In addition, the quality and management of the company was improved. First, a production hall of 750m2 was built, then a warehouse hall of 4800m2 and an administrative building as well. The company premises were arranged, all the necessary roads were built and the air conditioning platform was provided. A system for wastewater and solvent purification was implemented and gas was introduced. A state-of-the-art eight-color printing machine and a nine-color printing machine were purchased. Laboratories for control and testing of raw materials and finished products were equipped and put into operation.The information centre was modernized. The management of processes was successfully improved, which was also verified by the ISO 9001 certificate. By realizing these projects, the company Papir Print becomes the leader in the country and in the region.

Papir Print in the period from 2009 to 2016

In 2009, a line for the production of printing forms for the technological process of deep roto-printing was installed and put into operation. By starting this line and producing rollers, better productivity was achieved in the production of high quality printing solutions. In 2012, the company realized important projects of fire protection, fire extinguishing and fire alarm and adequate equipment was installed (automatic switchboard, stable Argon and CO₂ fire extinguishing system, fire detectors). A project for the production of three-layer polyolefin film was also made, and in 2014, Varex 57476 was installed and put into operation. In this way the project was realized, ensuring constant quality and safe supply of raw materials. In addition, the company successfully implemented SRPS ISO 14001 and Codex Alimentaijis CAC / RCP 1-1968, which additionally verified the quality of operations.

The company from 2016 to the present

Papir Print actively continues to increase its production capacity, improve quality, adopt new technologies and enter new markets. In 2017, the centralized control system for the microclimate was put into operation in order to achieve the ideal conditions of production, which further increases the quality. The company bought three new machines: one nine color printing machine, an additional lining unit and a new unit for preparation of printing form. The information network is being restored and a new information system for production monitoring is being installed. Print Papir continues to follow its primary goal: Produce Today the packaging of tomorrow.

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