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The flexo-printing technique is the process of obtaining a print, which has undergone a tremendous progress over the last ten years. By developing this technique of printing and implementing the most modern technological achievements in this field, Papir Print has also experienced a considerable growth. This commitment and the development of technology have resulted in the acquisition of a prestigious award for Flexo-Prints (the best print in the narrow web category) under the auspices of Flexo Tech International.

We are proud to say that we have the highest quality flexo-print in the region and using it we strive to respond to the most diverse requests of our clients. The main features of this printing technique are quality, speed, flexibility and price, and this is what Papir Print stands for.

In accordance with our maxim Top quality for the top buyer, Papir Print invested in the purchase of a new deep-printing machine from a renowned worldwide manufacturer Windmoller & Holcher. Deep printing, which is imposed as a standard for all branded manufacturers, is the part of the standard offer of our company and is intended for anyone who knows how to value top quality in the field of flexible material printing. The main features of this printing process are outstanding and constant quality, durability and reliability, which is exactly what Papir Print is continually striving for.

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